ZEUS To Perform at Charro Days Sombrero Festival 2022

LIVE performance Thursday February 24th 8pm on "Big Tent" stage

Signs First Artist, Tejano Hip Hop Star, ZEUS. El Mero Necio
ZEUS. El Mero Necio joins Sombrero Fest 2022's music lineup that includes La Mafia, Secreto, and more.

BROWNSVILLE, TX – February 24, 2022 – With the 85th Annual Charro Days among us, many of your favorite Latino and Tejano artists will be playing your favorite Sombrero Festival stage. Among them is your favorite Tejano hip-hop star who’s been working away in the studio: Zeus. El Mero Necio. Zeus is bringing you new music and he’s ready to melt tortas in real life.

"The new album Tejano Revival is on the way,” ZEUS teased. “Brownsville is my hometown. This means a lot to me. This was long over due. Even Elon Musk pulling up. To the moon it is.”


Space X CEO Elon Musk confirmed he will be in attendance following Sombrero Fest's announcement that ZEUS joined the music lineup. Coincidence? Nahhhhhh