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“Chingon,” Action-Packed & Thrilling Short-Film Drops Friday

Robert Rodriguez Meets Scorsese in Latest From ZEUS. El Mero Necio

Signs First Artist, Tejano Hip Hop Star, ZEUS. El Mero Necio
"Chingon" Premieres Friday, April 22nd on YouTube

San Antonio, TX – April 20, 2022 – An action-packed thriller is on the way from ZEUS. El Mero Necio and it’s no ordinary music video. Half short film and half music video, “Chingon” releases on YouTube Friday, April 22.

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Video goes LIVE at 11am Friday April 22nd:

Our infamously dashing desperado was joined by Del Castillo’s frontman Alex Ruiz for a pozole-flavored blend of blues, hip hop, rock, and Tejano. The single came to life as the Brownsville natives were caught up with eachother about old stomping grounds.

“We walked into the studio exchanging Valle folklore,” ZEUS recalls. “Alex asked if I heard Harlingen finally got a Chipotle and somebody yelled ‘ayyy, mira… muy chingon!’ as some tasty guitar chords were playing. A vibe was born.”

Steve O Valdez produced the new track with Rick Del Castillio on guitar, Ruiz on vocals/harmonica, with the assist of Ace 1 on production. The video also includes an interlude production cameo by El Dusty. To ZEUS the song is a reflection of life travels through the eyes of a silverback gorilla holding onto his past life as a man outside the gates of Glady’s Porter Zoo. He wrote the script and storyboarded the film with longtime collaborator, Mr. Han filming and directing. The final product was finalized in partnership with Chris Perez' Blue Mariachi Productions.

“We didn’t have a massive budget to pull off what I had in my head. I needed an actual silverback gorilla which wasn’t realistic at the time. So, I switched up the whole treatment and I think it worked out. We pulled together a couple homies and grabbed whatever was in our garages and under our pillowcases and made it happen. There were a few close calls but nobody ended up on a chicken plate flyer.”

The video is heavily influenced by ZEUS’s favorite filmmaker, director Robert Rodriguez, who shares a passion for making music as well. Coincidentally, Rodriguez even has a band called Chingon, which also has Alex Ruiz on lead vocals and Rick Del Castillo on guitar. The Mexican-American rock band originally started after recording songs for Once Upon a Time in Mexico and then Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol. 2, and even the score of Machete.

Buzz for Chingon is already growing and a sequel is already in the works with comedian, motivational speaker, and writer Jack Mandeville. Fans can expect a larger project to be supported by the legendary content creators at Black Rifle Coffee.

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