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ZEUS Premieres New Single “Más,” Exclusively to YouTube

A reimagination of El Grupo Mazz' "Lo Voy A Hacer Por Ti"

Signs First Artist, Tejano Hip Hop Star, ZEUS. El Mero Necio
ZEUS. El Mero Necio's "Más" off upcoming album 'Tejano Revival' performed live in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio, TX – February 23, 2022 – Are you ready for an exclusive drop? Text your fave prima and tell her to get a sitter tonight because Zeus. El Mero Necio is here with a new single from his upcoming album, Tejano Revival. Exclusive to YouTube, watch the music video premiere of “Más,” before the album releases later this year!

Directed by Mr. Han, produced by multi-platinum artist Steve O Valdez, and shot live in San Antonio, Texas, “Más” is the new single off Tejano Revival, Zeus’s next studio album and anticipated return to tejano roots. Inspired by El Grupo Mazz’s classic “Lo Voy A Hacer Por Ti,” Zeus’s piece-by-piece reimagining came together with an assist from his band and the multi-talented Steve O Valdez. Look out for the album later this year, brought to you by Chris Perez’s Blue Mariachi Productions.

“Growing up, my mom and step dad were beefin’ a lot,” Zeus shares about the inspo. “He had two emotions: grumpy af or care-free, with a cold miller lite & all his gold rings on headed to Vermillion jammin El Grupo Mazz. When this song came on, I knew it was safe to go outside.”

When asked about the album, ZEUS stated, “Imagine walking into a studio with a blank canvas and one of the greatest producers on planet earth (Steve O Valdez), knowing you can drive a stake into the heart & soul of everything that made you who you are today to bleed that valle shit that pumps thru your veins. It’s kinda wild. That’s what this is project is to me. We’re all students, not historians. So, It's been an educational journey reconnecting with our tejano roots.

ZEUS went on to describe the creative process,

“We've been camping out in Houston for weeks, Taco Real Taqueria at 8am, studio, only breaking away for reposado runs to Specs, then back to the hotel around 3am and repeat. Steveo plays almost every instrument on the album, with my guitarist George on guitar and on ‘Mas’ El Bro Del Acordeón jumped on the squeezebox. We don’t go back to San Antonio til the songs are done. Then back a couple weeks later.”

‘Mas’ was taped at the recent live show in San Antonio with Zeus’ band; George de Hoyos (guitar), Jose Macias (accordion), DJ Boboglobo (DJ), Mike DMG Gomez (drums), and Mimi (bongo) which can be viewed exclusively on YouTube.

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